Sathi Guin

Sathi Guin

The curves, arches and swirls of linear abstract forms explores the concept of time and stillness of the physical world around us.They are notations of fragility and disregard experiences in everyday life. The act of performing daily courses again and again become synonymous with the process of making art. Rather than perfection of expression my drawings are dreams and reflection of pure emotion.

They are neither metaphysical nor symbolical but purely experiential, not representation but actual pulsation of the form.


 Sometimes I think they are lines of my hand- my present, my past, my future. Dot follows dot, form follows form like placing brick one on the top of another to make a wall. Touch, the physical action of the making, understanding, thinking and absorbing every moment of life. As Mona Hatoum said ‘I never know what I will end up making’. It is all about conflict and contradictions.


Sathi Guin