B V Box by Dayanita Singh | Drawings by Balkrishna Doshi

B V Box by Dayanita Singh | Drawings by Balkrishna Doshi

February 28th, 2019 - March 30th, 2019

Dayanita Singh | Balkrishna Doshi 

BV Box is the fourth publication of Spontaneous Books, New Delhi.

With Spontaneous Books, Dayanita Singh is able to build books and book-objects as and when the Chance to do so arises, as and when material asks to be gathered and as and when the opportunity to disseminate the work presents itself.

Such is the case with the BV Box, an unbound book of 30 image cards held together in a wooden structure. It is meant to be hung on a wall or placed as an object on a table. The structure has been built to allow the collector to change the front image as often as they like. The image cards, however, exists as a set of 30 and are not meant to be separated from each other or the box.

BV Box has been published in an edition of 360 and is available only in its exhibition format. It is to be acquired directly off the wall. In this way the exhibition disappears with time and when all the boxes are sold, the edition and exhibition are over.