POSTSCRIPTUM, Recent works by Abhimanue Govindan

POSTSCRIPTUM, Recent works by Abhimanue Govindan

April 13th, 2019 - May 11th, 2019

curated by Rekha Rodwittiya 

recent works by Abhimanue Govindan

He wanted to free himself to look purely at the compositional arrangement of forms. He declares that he finds it more challenging and interesting to experience painting in this manner. He empties his mind completely of past influences to look at life around him with a new and open vision. He has no desire to fit into the dominant discourse of what is considered the Avant-garde. Instead he embraces empathy for a language that does not conform to cultural decoding, but instead seeks a more universal approach to its readability.

In today’s art climate this rejection of an overly intellectual process on the part of the artist is a conscious break away that he takes as a considered position. By doing so, he is choosing to constitute his own autonomy by delinking himself from today’s cultural preoccupations and investing his language to abide to pure sensory means of association. This quiet act of self-determination comes without defiance and isn’t intended to be an action of resistance, or does it in fact subscribe to being just that? It is his need not to be coerced to conform, but to stand instead in an annexure of self-realization and self-awareness that makes Abhimanue  Govindan’s own journey one of delight for him.

Rekha Rodwittiya.